Updated: March 2020

Listen while you browse to the files below .... these open a pop up window. Download these and others for free on our Client login page

Herr, ich bin dein Eigentum
by  Matthias Limmer

Nun Komm, Der Heiden Heiland
by J. S. Bach

Prelude and Fugue in G Minor from 8 Little P&Fs  BWV 558
by J. S. Bach




A Word about printing the lists contained on this site ....

To best print the hymns listed on a page  you are viewing, I would suggest that you use the “Print Preview” selection from the file menu and select the “Shrink to fit” mode ( FireFox or Explorer browsers) or “Landscape” (Google Chrome).  I formatted all site pages to fit  1024 x 768 windows (Feb 18, 2011)

You may well be wondering ...”how will I play these in church?”

Probably the easiest answer is to make your hymn accompaniment purchases on an AUDIO CD. Then you may simply play them on a CD player such as a portable “blaster” type or through a CD player connected to the church’s PA system. Portable or personal  CD players are available very inexpensively ($35 and up).

Another way is to download the .mp3 files directly to your computer. At this point, you have a number of options.

  1. The computer can be connected to the church PA (from headphone jack to a free line input) and the played directly using a player program like Apple Quicktime or Windows Media Player.
  2. Mp3 players are available very inexpensively ($ 25.00 and up) The file may be downloaded directly to your computer and then copied to an .mp3 player or copied to the appropriate card for your mp3 player. The player may then be connected to the PA systems (headphone jack to available line input)
  3. A data CD of  mp3 files will often play on a DVD player .... there are many “portable” DVD players for around $100 that have a 7” screen allowing you to easily see the file list. They also come with a remote control. Audio is connected from headphone output to the input of your church PA system. Verify that the DVD player you are looking at can play .mp3s before purchasing as not all DVD players are mp3 compatible.
  4. You could “burn” a music or audio CD from your computer and then simply play this through any CD player - either portable or one connected through the PA system.

A few warnings here ......

  • It would be wise to play these through whatever arrangement in their entirety before a service to ensure the volume is adequate, while not too high for the “loud” sections .... usually the last verse.
  • I have indicated on each hymnal page what to expect regarding introductions for the hymns. Please make yourself familiar with the accompaniments before using with your congregation.
  • These recordings are very broad in frequency range and much of the bass is very low in pitch but high in level .... this might stress portable CD players if set too high or the Bass control is adjusted too high ... I would suggest keeping the bass at a half way level when first auditioning the hymns.
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